vineri, 18 decembrie 2009

vineri, 6 noiembrie 2009

joi, 5 noiembrie 2009

A flower! :-)

A iesit cam in ceata... :( , dar mie imi place rezultatul :) !!!!

Nature.. :-)


I feel guilty, my words are emphty
No signs to give you, don't have time for you,
You say I'm heartlees, and you say I don't care
I used to be there for you
You say I seem so dead
Cause I have changed but so have you...

Guilty...I feel so know how you make me feel!

I put a shield upon you
Didn't mean to hurt you
I've only poisoned your mind
Never ment to make you cry
You've been so thoughtless, I can see right thru you
You used to be there for me
Don't you leave and say goodbye
Cause you have changed, but sa have I...

I never thought that the time and the distance between us can be so much colder, I carry the world on my shoulders....!!!!

miercuri, 4 noiembrie 2009

Amintire, de fapt amintiri....2009

Anyplace, anywhere, anytime

Ascult melodia respectiva de cate ori am ocazia...imi place...imi aduce aminte de un bun amic cu care vorbesc de 3 ani! :) O ascult in masina, in autobuz, la scoala, la o plimbare, cand imi fac cumparaturile, cand ma plimb prin parc si numar frunzele care cad la pamant ingrosand patul imens de frunze aramii, galbene si unele chiar verzi!

sâmbătă, 31 octombrie 2009

vineri, 30 octombrie 2009


For the first time!

Am pasit in Timisoara sovaitoare si cu mai stiu ce e bine si ce avut parte de bucurii si de esecuri si mai ales de timp pierdut!